"Make the young realize the beauty of virtue and the ugliness of sin."

-St. John Bosco
By reason Don Bosco meant at least four things:
1) Arthur Lenti, a specialist on Don Bosco says that “reason may be defined as justice, in the sense that the educator, as well as the youngster, is subject to the rule… rights and obligations must be constantly respected and lived up to by everybody;”
2) Reasonableness, that is everything that is asked of the young must be proportionate to their age and possible for them, especially with regard to work assignment and discipline;
3) Rationality, that is the reason for the decisions and demands as well as the good that is expected to result from them must be made evident to the young; and
4) Motivation, that is motivation should be created in the young to follow the educational program that is proposed to them and their cooperation and participation in it must be elicited.

The Three Features of the Preventive System

We appeal to the mind.

We inspire the soul. 

We touch the heart.