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Intramurals 2019

T.E. Baluyut / M.K. Ponio 

The JHS Student Council successfully organized this year’s intramurals entitled “EVITARE: Nature Beyond Compare” last Sunday, September 29.

The theme of the opening is relative to the Nature of our Environment, concerning its unpleasant status like Climate Change, Global Warming, and Habitat Loss of Different Animal Species.

Houses of Aesya, Aeras, Wasseria, Terrea and Fyra competed in various competitions such as the People’s Choice Award which was already secured by Aesya even before the opening day after garnering 6,191 likes in social media, while Wasseria was behind who tallied 5,794.

In the recognition for the Best Banner Making in each grade level, House of Aesya snatched-away two awards with the help of 9-Klinik and 10-Czartoryski, while Aeras’ Martin and Wasseria’s Eirin were hailed winners in grade level eight and seven, respectively.

Meanwhile, House of Terrea took home the Best Bench Yell award together with another Best Icon trophy after impersonating a famous American Rock Band KISS, but Aesya proved themselves unstoppable after bagging once again an award, the Best Audio-Visual Presentation.

Aesya showcased perfect domination against the four houses as they were named as the Best Cheer Dance which is one of the main highlights of the event, while Terrea and Wasseria were awarded as the 1st and 2nd runner-up, respectively.

House of Aesya has now to sustain their built-up momentum if they want to be named as this year’s Intramurals Over-All Champion at the end of the school year, facing the hungry in winning houses in the Sports Games events to be followed.