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Boscontinuous: How Far Can You Go?

Charles Dela Cruz 

“I didn’t want to go, pero surprisingly nagenjoy ako!” “Diko inexpect na ganto kasaya”, these are some of the reactions that circulated after the Boscontinuous organized by the Office of the Pastoral Affairs last January 29, 2020.

The school once again held a very successful Boscontinuous for its 3rd year attempt. This activity was participated by the students, teachers and non-teaching personnel. Before the day of the activity, an orientation was given by the pastoral team. This gave the chance for the teams to build camaraderie and develop the spirit of family. New changes were introduced like giving each team reviewers about the Salesian Congregation and requiring them to have banners and yells.

Each group represented its team a particular holy person related to Don Bosco, aiming, for the members of the team,  to collect as many stickers as they can. Having the goal, they need first to answer a question about the Salesian Congregation. If they failed to answer it correctly, they lost their chance to surpass the challenge. Fifty four (54) groups were challenged by exciting games prepared on the sixty (60) stations that were scattered around the campus. The activity lasted for two and a half hours. It was followed by a “Salu-Salo” afterwards.

This year, more awards were given, like having the best yell which the group of Martin bagged. While the creative team of Kazmierski brought home the Best Banner with their eye-catching flag. Out of Fifty-four (54) groups, the group of Variara that has no Salesian educator present at their team garnered thirty-nine (39) stickers which paved the way for them to become the Boscontinuous 2020 Champion. This group fulfilled the spirit of a true Bosconian that gives his/her best in all he/she does. They are followed by the group of Sandor which was spearheaded by Ms. Jeniffer Samsona of the Junior High School Department. After winning thirty-four (34) stickers, they were hailed first place. The competitive group of Klinik which was joined by Mr. Jarvis Nicole Ouano II of the Senior High School Department gathered thirty three (33) stickers which placed them second.

There was an educator who stood out during the amazing race, who walked the words of Saint John Bosco, “Do your ordinary duties, extraordinarily well.” It was Mr. Arturo Tolentino, the MAPEH Subject Area Head of the Junior High School Department who became the best educator after showcasing great leadership.

“The goal of this event is neither having the most numbers of stickers nor winning the awards; Boscontiniuous’ main goal is to know our Father, Saint John Bosco deeper.” These are the words from Fr. Marc Will Lim, SDB as he reminds the Bosconians of the real purpose of the said event.

To top it all, Bosconians ended up having new friends in the school. They were enveloped by the spirit of camaraderie and found the purpose of the event which is having team work and knowing our roots. These are exactly the attributes that bundled the theme of this year’s Foundation Day Celebration: “Aptas, Apatasan da reng matenakan susuyu karing kaynakan; bind that unifies.”