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Jett Balanza

Bond of Brothers: A play on the lives of five Bosconian Polish Martyrs is an inspiring story about young heroes of faith who remained true to their Bosconian ideals until the end.

The play, premiered on March 10, 2020, was portrayed by Ahiszas Hizon (Set A) and Toty Portugez (Set B) as Czeslaw Joswiak; Migz Salvador (Set A) and Jaspher Fontillas (Set B) as Edek Kazmierski; Jas Santos (Set A) and Jett Balanza (Set B) as Jargoniew Wojciechowski; Ryle Mallari as Edward Klinik; and Justin Serentas (Set A) and Jasper Dela Cruz (Set B) as Francis Kesy. The play dealt about friendship, betrayal, faith, loyalty, and more. It happened during World War 2 when Torn Poland was invaded by the cruel Nazi forces.

For the audience, the play may just have been a form of entertainment where the set of lines, actions, and emotions portrayed by the actors simply told a story which made them laugh and cry and nothing more.

The audience might have thought that all the fun happened on stage, but as one of the actors, I could assure you that the real fun happened backstage. It was where real bonds and friendships were formed, much like the bond of brothers that the Poznan five had in the play itself. Backstage was where we talked with our fellow actors as if we were not going to face the audience any time soon and possibly made a fool out of ourselves. The audience may have seen the emotions portrayed on stage, but backstage was where real emotions were seen. A slight blunder on stage was a heavy weight to bear backstage, because unlike on stage where the audience saw actors and characters, actors backstage saw real people.

The performances on stage such as the acting, the lines, and the emotions were all part of the show for the audience. Everything that happened on stage could not summarize the fun and learning we had experienced because all the magic happened backstage.