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Please be informed that, for this School Year 2021-2022, ESC or Voucher will only be deducted for full payment. For other modes of payment, deduction or refund of subsidy will be made only when this becomes available.

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The core philosophy of Don Bosco Academy is based on the Holy Scriptures that man was created body and soul in the image and likeness of God. He was capable of knowing and loving God and was destined to share the divine life as his ultimate goal. He was appointed by God as the Master of all earthly things and creatures. He was given the capacity and talents, which he could develop and employ to master the things for this world and use them to attain his ultimate goal.

Although God made him in a state of holiness, from the very dawn of history, man abused his liberty. He set himself against God and sought to find fulfillment apart from God. But the Lord himself came to free and strengthen man, renewing him inwardly and casting out the prince of the world who held him in the bondage of sin.

To bring man back to Him, God sent His Son, Jesus, through the Blessed Virgin Mary to the world. Jesus came not only to redeem man but also to make him participate in building God’s kingdom on earth. To this end, God also sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify, inspire, enlighten and guide him to his ultimate goal-Eternal Salvation.

God did not create man as a solitary being. By his innermost nature, he is a social being, and unless he relates himself to others he can neither live nor develop his potentials.

Guided by this philosophy, Don Bosco Academy - Pampanga believes that:

  • Education is a major key for the liberation and development of man to attain quality of life and a transformed society.

  • Education is an on-going process by which one seeks the fullness of life with his fellowmen and its ultimate goal-salvation.

  • Education draws out the best of man’s giftedness, developing him as a total person.

  • Education requires the Educative Pastoral Community, which creates a family atmosphere conducive to the growth of educators and students.

  • Education demands educators who are intellectually prepared, morally upright and spiritually strong.